October 11, 2018

Children can be a dealbreaker or blessing for many people planning their wedding. Some people absolutely could not imagine their wedding without having their closest little family members and friend’s children present and participating in their wedding. On the flip side, you have others who don’t want to see or hear a single child within a 100 miles of their wedding. Either option is perfectly valid when making decisions on your wedding.


Consider These Things When Weighing Both Options for your Wedding


Children Can Add a Youthful Energy to your Wedding

unspecified-4Imagine twenty children coming down the aisle, boys ringing bells and girls carrying baskets filled to the brim with multi-colored flower petals.  Lots of energy released with smiles from ear to ear as they start the procession of the bride’s entrance. After they walk down the aisle, the children return back to their parents excited to have been involved.

Children can also do many tasks during the ceremony, including ushering, handing out programs, distributing rice, and other simple tasks. This goes for the reception at well, children can supervise the guest book, pass out wedding favors and even introduce the bride and groom!

If children are part of your wedding, choose kids older than 3 or 4. Most younger children can’t take direction or follow tasks unless they have someone with them leading them in the right direction and, although cute, may not be the best option without parental guidance.

Here are some tips if you plan to have children at your wedding:

  1. To keep kids busy during dinner or the reception you can create a kids zone! This is an opportunity for some creativity. Create a small table area with coloring books, puzzles, games, and maybe even have a balloon artist come and entertain.
  2. Remember that kids are picky eaters: you can have a set meal for children or have some kid-friendly foods included in the buffet.  
  3. Since younger kids tend to want to be near their parents and most likely won’t hold still with Mom and dad around, consider having  kids younger than 7 in a separate room with a babysitter and things for them to enjoy.
  4. Hire babysitters to entertain the children so the parents can enjoy the wedding.  This will ensure they are supervised, contained and entertained. The children typically prefer this if you can have them in a separate area that has movies, games and other fun activities that is just for them. 

Are you required to have children at your wedding if you family requests it?

Every wedding and family is different. If it would be easier to allow only certain people to bring their children and plan for them than cause drama between family members. If family or friends are upset/concerned that they cannot bring their child to your wedding, explain your reasoning and let them know you made the decision before sending out invitations. Ultimately, it is your wedding you are allowed to make exceptions but make sure that if you are adamant about not having children to include that in the invitation so that parents can plan ahead with a sitter.

  • You might want to make an exception for infants under 6 months that are nursing, since they can’t be away from the mother.  

Children can be a wonderful addition to a wedding but they don’t have to be. Think through your decision and go with it!