Let’s face it: A lot can happen at a wedding. While there is an abundance of love and happiness, there is also room for accidents and sadly, your special day is not immune from potential disaster. Your DJ may suddenly fall out, your caterer may have just dropped the cake, and – oh no! – it’s starting to rain!

While we wouldn’t wish for these hypothetical situations to happen, they are still a possibility, but having a safety net like wedding insurance, will provide you with enough peace of mind to celebrate your day.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a policy that provides clients with financial (and emotional) protection against any unexpected problems that could tarnish your wedding day – and your bank account.

Depending on the type of insurance plan that you choose, your policy may cover the following scenarios:

  • Relocating your event
  • Extreme weather that may force a cancellation
  •  Loss of photographs and having to reshoot (at an extra cost)
  • Sickness or injuries

Are there different types of wedding insurance available?

Yes, there are! However, most plans are unique to each client and vendor. The more common types of insurance are:

  • Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance – This option offers coverage for lost deposits, expenses, or in the event that your wedding is cancelled due to weather interruptions, unexpected illnesses, and other unforeseen situations. It also protects against postponement and vendors who do not fulfill their contractual obligations.
  • Wedding Liability Insurance – Required by most wedding venues, this insurance plan protects you against property damage, injuries, and alcohol-related accidents. For instance, if someone at your wedding leaves intoxicated and gets into a car accident, it becomes a trickle effect in terms of who is held responsible (i.e. the bartender, the venue, the store from which the alcohol was purchased, etc.) Wedding liability insurance may financially protect you from such cases and/or at least decrease the impact.

On a side note, it is important to make sure that your vendors have the right
licensing and coverage. Not all vendors have insurance, so it is worth looking into
those that have protection for on and off-site events.

While unexpected scenarios can arise, your plan can cover most, if not all, losses that may occur and you’ll save more money and time in the end.

Am I going to blow my budget?

The straight and simple answer – no. Wedding insurance is affordable! On average, most
wedding insurance policies cost $200 and in most states, some start as low as $75 dollars!
Pricing typically depends on a number of factors (and what exactly is going to be covered), but it is worth considering making room in your budget for a wedding insurance plan that fits your needs.

How do I get started in looking for a plan?

Before anything else, establish that budget. You want an appropriate, yet affordable plan to cover you and not create a financial burden. Secondly, browse online! We recommend starting your search by visiting The Event Helper – they’re an online team that offer a personal approach to covering your assets and educating you on wedding insurance.
And while the internet is a great place to start your research, don’t forget to enlist in the help of your wedding planner. They can offer you an abundance of trusted resources, introduce you to the world of wedding insurance, and even guide you in the right direction of reputable agencies.

Finishing Touch

Securing a wedding insurance policy will give you the flexibility and reassurance to retain any services in the event of something going awry on your special day. After all, you are already carrying something borrowed, blue, old, and new, so why carry an extra weight of stress?

Wrap yourself in the comfort of your wedding insurance plan – it’s a great security blanket!

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