So Many Wedding Gift Registry Options, So Little Time!

Choosing between wedding gift registry options may seem like a onerous task, especially when gift registries may seem like a thing of the past. Traditionally, couples didn’t live together before they were married, so they didn’t have all the things needed to turn a house into a home. Gifts from wedding guests were relied upon to help with this, more so than they are now, as couples more frequently live together before getting married.

Yet, even with the changing times, most guests still want to give the couple something special for the start of their new life together. Setting up a registry can go a long way, but there are so many types to choose from!

Still trying to decide between all of the wedding gift registry options? Here are some tips to help you decide on the perfect one for your big day!

Traditional Gift Registry

Although it may seem like no one does a registry anymore, it is something that a lot of guests expect from the newlyweds to be. If you don’t already live together, traditional gift registries are a great way for you and your future spouse to choose items that you love. Dining sets, kitchen items, bedding, and more… Stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target offer a wide array of items you can use to fill your new home! does too, for those guests that prefer browsing through online gift registries and want to avoid the in-store experience completely.

Even if you do live with your fiance already, a traditional gift registry is awesome to pick out some items that you have been eyeing, but don’t really want to buy yourself! Maybe this means you finally put that new fire pit or grill in your backyard, or maybe you stock a new bar inside for entertaining. Without fail, guests who really want to bring a wrapped gift are always out there. We know they’ll appreciate the option of choosing and beautifully wrapping an item for your new life together. You’ll be pleased when you receive it too!

Honeymoon Fund

This is a very popular alternative to a traditional gift registry! As the cost of the wedding adds up, the idea of spending more on a honeymoon can make even the most financially secure couples feel a little strain. Whether because of finances or because there’s little you need at home, honeymoon funds are a great solution. You simply tell your guests that instead of gifts, you’d prefer a donation to your dream honeymoon.

Sites like and allow you to create gift options, such as “$50 for A Romantic Dinner for Two” or “$100 toward Airfare.” Amounts and honeymoon experiences can be completely customizable. They also give guests the option of selecting a gift and bringing a check or cash to the wedding in a card, which helps you avoid the fees!

In this day and age, this option is becoming increasingly common, and guests are getting more and more used to it. Don’t feel bad asking for what you want.

Donations to Charity

This is a new trend on the horizon for alternatives to gift registries. Asking guests to donate to your favorite charity instead of giving you gifts is a nice option for couples that don’t want or need items and already have their honeymoon plans squared away. It’s also a sweet way to show your guests what you and your fiance care about! 


This is a gift that most couples aren’t really comfortable asking for, but it’s what some guests actually prefer to give! Some guests find picking out gifts stressful and worry about not picking out the right thing. No one wants to buy a gift that is going to be stored away or seldom used. Asking guests for cash allows you to use the money to pick out what you want and alleviates stress from guests!

Why Choose Only One?

Why limit your guests to only one of these options, when you could allow them to choose? You can have them all! Establish a smaller traditional registry for the gift givers, with a limited of items you really want or need. Set up a honeymoon fund for those guests that want to provide you with experiences. Allow for charity donations for those guests that are passionate about helping others. Put up a card box for guests that want to bring cash or a check.

While setting up multiple wedding gift registry options might seem like a lot of work, most websites make it easy to do. Trust us, you’ll be happy at the end of the day no matter what your guests decide to do, and your guests will be happy choosing the option that works best for them.

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