May 22, 2018




Probably one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding is finding which vendors to use for your event. Prioritize finding your vendors first and get to know them; you are going to be working with them over the next couple months as you plan your wedding.

Connect with your photographers, planners, designers, florist, hair and makeup team; they will be the ones around the most. There is a certain strategy with this as well. If you are comfortable with your photographer, your pictures will come out more natural and relaxed, if your hair and makeup team has more time to get to know you, they will be more familiar with your preferences.

Here are some tips to consider when picking out your vendors.

Wedding Cake Baker

One thing I cannot stress highly enough is to look at some of the past work that bakers have made. A great place to start is to check out their social media, especially their instagram. Many bakeries keep their instagram as a portfolio of some of their most picturesque products and you can scroll through for a feel of their style. You may even find some ideas for your own cake.


The creativity and curiosity of a photographer/videographer can carry over to the quality of their work. When you meet up with one keep an eye out for the ones who ask a lot of questions. They need to illustrate a story through their lens about you and your fiancé, they can’t be true to it if they don’t know much about you. When a videographer asks you questions on camera, don’t be afraid to answer candidly. If you want to have a true preservation of that day get all the jitters and fun on camera. You will remember them fondly and it will be a touching video to rewatch on anniversaries.

Hair/Makeup Artist 

The best thing to do when communicating with this vendor is to show them pictures or examples of what you are looking for. Show different styles that you like so they can get a sense of what you like. If you see something similar to what you want, send them a picture. Don’t be afraid to be particular, and spend a day doing a ‘try on’. Try on the makeup and hair that you want on your wedding day so that you can give feedback to your hair and makeup artists before the big day. Another big tip: as with bakeries, many hair and makeup artists put their past work on a professional Instagram, check out their past work before you agree to hire them for your event so that you know exactly the type of talent you are receiving.

Communicate with your vendors which vendors that you are working with. Make sure that they are open to collaboration and that there are no conflicts. Remember, this is your day, and vendors are the way to make sure things run smoothly.