Congratulations – you finally tied the knot!

While the wedding celebrations may be over, there are still a few details that still need to be taken care of.

What Accounts Do You Need To Change?

Well, you’re married by you’re not “technically” married. The first thing to do after the wedding is to mail in your wedding license is and ensure all parties present (officiant and two witnesses) have signed it!

Important to note you do not have to change your name on official documents right after the wedding, all your information will still be the same until the wedding license is received and processed (which can take a couple of weeks). So enjoy your honeymoon without having to worry about doing any paperwork.

But do make sure to complete these items when you come back!

  • Update your social security card and drivers license, in addition to any financial documents, or legal and financial accounts.
  • This includes credit cards, W4’s, any stocks/bonds and any legal items in your name.
  • Update any real estate and items gifted to you (i.e. car title).

Most legal changes will require you to send in produce your certified marriage license and you can obtain yours from the courthouse.

What To Do With Leftover Wedding Decor

You dedicated a lot of time to make sure your wedding vision was exactly what you wanted, but now you have an leftover decor and have no idea what to do with it.

  • Reach out to your vendors! Most are willing to negotiate a trade or buy-back for items you used.
  • Use social media and selling apps to your advantage! We recommend posting your items on Facebook Marketplace or LetGo.
    • Pro tip: take pictures of your items and list the quantities, and don’t sell in bulk – sell your individual pieces to get the most bang for your buck!

Before The Honeymoon

You may have taken steps to plan for your marriage vacation – establishing a honeymoon fund, etc. – but have you thought about sorting out the details of gifts and thank you notes?

As you open gifts write down who gave you the gift and what they got you. This makes writing thank you notes way easier and helps to avoiding accidentally thanking your aunt for the cassorole dish your cousin got you.

Now that you’re a Mr. and Mrs. you can look forward to building your life after the wedding, and best of all, you’ll be prepared for it!

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