June 4, 2018

What is a Honeymoon Fund?

As times change, so do relationships. Many couples now-a-days already live together before finally tying the knot and thus don’t need the things most people ask for through registries. The Honeymoon Fund is a creative way to take the money that guests would have spent to buy you a new bowl into a completely unique and memorable experience.

What you do…

Its super simple and easy to get started on your Honeymoon Fund. First pick out your ideal honeymoon, plan it out. Choose some amazing places and things you would love to do, such as a romantic breakfast-in-bed, a cruise, couples massage, a zip line through the jungle; go crazy on the ideas. Then your family and friends can put money towards it or pay for all of it. This way you get the honeymoon of a lifetime without a big bill or credit card debt.

How to get started

Just like you register online for new spoons or towels for the guest bathroom, you can register for your honeymoon online, it’s that easy!

We recommend using the website, honeyfund.com to get your perfect honey moon. Set up your dream trip and direct your guests to the website. When you are funded and are on your honeymoon, you can even post pictures there to update and thank everyone who contributed.


For a traditional registry,  Zola.com is a great way to put all of your registries into one place. They will ship it to you when you decide. As bride & groom, you can decide if you want to trade out items.

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