Registering for weddings can seem overwhelming when you are having a difficult time knowing where to start. We want to give you tips that will help you find registering easy and fun!

Make sure that you have determined your guest list so that you know how many people you are inviting to your wedding.

It is also important to have an idea of how many parties you will have as a couple or as individuals leading up to the wedding. Knowing roughly how many people will be attending the wedding and attending parties will be an important step for estimating how many gifts you will be receiving during this exciting season.  

Decide on some stores you and your fiancé would like to register at.

We recommend registering at 2-3 places if you are not asking for a honeymoon fund, and registering at 1-2 places if you are also asking for honeymoon money. You can register in store at places such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Costco. You can register online at all of the previously listed stores as well as online stores like Amazon and Wayfair.

When requesting that your guests contribute towards a honeymoon fund, it is helpful to use websites such as Honeyfund. This website (as well as others) makes it easy for people to give money, pay for excursions, and buy goods for your home. There is a large variety of wedding registries you can take advantage of for free! Take a moment to sit down and find the one that suits you best!

Decide on a price range for the gifts your guests give you.

Family and friends will often spend different amounts on gifts for your wedding and showers. Consider registering for gifts under $50, between $50-100, and around $200. Some guests unable to make it to showers may want to bless you with a $200 gift at the wedding, while a co-worker of yours might only be able to give you a $20 gift card.

You want to ensure that you have a variety of gifts for guests to choose from, while also keeping in mind that the likelihood is not everything will be purchased.

However, don’t let this deter you from branching out and registering at places like Pottery Barn for nice table sets instead of a set from Walmart. We would recommend registering for 1-2 gifts per person or family invited to the wedding. Some sites will offer an option to have several people contribute towards a gift at a bigger price.

For instance, a Christmas tree registered for on Amazon can be bought by several people instead of just one. Amazon offers an option for this directly on their site! Always remember that you want to register for items that will last, not necessarily the cheapest items. Read reviews and look at old registries online of friends, family members, and even celebrities to get an idea of what you might want!

Do not forget to link your registries to your wedding website (the Knot, Wedding Wire, etc.) or let the guests know on the invitations where you have registered.

Wedding sites make finding registries much easier for the guests and are something we highly recommend! Your guests want to bless you with these gifts and celebrate you, do not be afraid to share these registries with them!  

Have fun with it!

Grab your future spouse and make it a date! This wedding planning season can be stressful but reminding yourself of why you are getting married, makes every little bit worth it all.

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