Creative Ways to Share Your Engagement!

There are so many great ways to share your engagement with your family and friends! We’ve compiled a list to spark your creative side when you tell the people that you love most, your S.O. put a ring on it!

Candid Camera!

Surprise your loved ones with the news – and catch it on video! There’s something amazing about seeing people’s reaction to your big news. So why not keep that memory forever? Next time you’re with your family members or best friends, prepare to share your engagement with news with them by suggesting you should all take a photo together. When you are all together, smiling and ready for the photo, have your partner in crime switch to video mode!

Then, have the person taking the video say, “3, 2, 1… (insert your name) and (insert your fiance’s name) are engaged!” or “Say (insert your name) and (insert your fiance’s name) are getting married!” and be prepared for the shouts of surprise and excitement!

It’s important to tell your people that it is a photo, so no one gets suspicious but taking a video means you’ll have the looks on their faces to cherish forever!

Use a letterboard.

Letter boards are all the rage right now! If you want a Pinterest-worthy engagement announcement, use a letter board. You can write something fun like “Forever has a nice ring to it!” or “Pop the champagne, I’m changing my last name!” with a nice ring selfie in front of it. Cute and easy!

Get your pets involved.

Pets are part of the family you and your fiance have already begun to create. So, when you share your engagement, what better way to announce it than with your fur-babies involved!

We love when brides to be use their pets to announce that their humans are finally getting married. You could even have your pet put on a cute bandana with the announcement when you go to see your family!

Throw a surprise engagement party.

This is a great way to announce that you are engaged and celebrate it all at once. Plan a party to surprise your family that you are engaged. Need a cover story? Tell them that you are hosting a dinner or that you want them to come for a game night.

When all your guests arrive, they will see that you are engaged instead! This is a fun way to add a shock factor to your announcement. Plus, you immediately get to celebrate the good news!

Share Your Engagement Your Way!

No matter what way you decide to share the news, your family and friends will be overjoyed! Get creative or keep it simple, it’s really up to you! We’d love to hear the ways you chose to share your engagement in the comments below.

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