Whether you’re having out-of-town guests or a destination wedding, finding a place for everyone to stay can be a difficult task. Hotel group blocks can be the perfect solution! Group blocks for hotels can allow all of your guests to stay in one (or a couple) hotels at a discounted rate. This can also make things like planning and transportation easier, while also allowing for a more enjoyable experience for your guests. (Hint: The bride’s family should not have guests at their home.  You have enough already on your plate with the wedding.)

How Does it Work?

Before you start calling and booking away, there are 3 key details to consider: price-point, proximity to reception, and what you’re looking for in a hotel. Additional points to consider are the number of guests and the type of wedding you’re having. If you have an exceptionally large number of guests (150+) or a destination wedding, you may need more than one hotel for a room block.

After you’ve figured out the nitty-gritty stuff and you’ve narrowed down the hotels, now you can book your room block. To reserve your block, you’ll want to call each hotel and give them the following information: dates you’ll need the hotel rooms, any special requests you’re hoping them to fulfill (i.e. breakfast, transportation), and the number of rooms you’ll need. When booking, start off with the minimum amount of rooms needed and add more later. This will save you from any additional fees if there were leftover rooms. You don’t want to be stuck with a bill.  Make sure that each guest can book on their own. (Watch for attrition in the contract. This can get you into financial trouble.)

TIP: Pay attention to if each guest will need their own room. Most will be staying with someone else, so that will cut down on the rooms needed.

Extra Tip: If you have families traveling look into Air BnB’s they are another option that has ground very popular.  This way people can be all together who haven’t seen each other in a long time.

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