Event package for a nonprofit group that is getting ready to host an event and is already in the process of gathering their resources and is looking for someone to simply coordinate and manage the event the day of.

1 Lead Planner & 1 Assistant

  • Manage contact and coordination with all vendors and all those involved in the event.
  • Handling all of the big details along with the small details.
  • Color coded customized tasks list broken down into teams with due dates so our goal is obtained and all parties stay on track.
  • Custom timeline from the week leading up to the event, to the last thing is taken away from the event.
  • A venue meeting will be held to do a floor plan that we all agree upon and can get it executed for the event
  • Assistance with any questions and suggestion through the planning process.
  • Oversee direct Setup, Event Execution, and Teardown.
  • Stay onsite for the duration of the event.

*Depending on size of event, option to add additional staffing at $25/hour


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