Package for an event who wants to be involved and do the BIG pieces but needs help bringing to together the little details.

  • Willing to work with paid employees but also able to work with volunteers. Highly encourage to work in a Core Team model. Having a Leader for each area with a team under them. 
  • Customized Tasks list with due dates so our goal is obtained and staying on track.
  • Handling all of the big details along with the small details. 
  • Attend Core Team meetings. 
  • Assistance with any questions and suggestion through the planning process.
  • Custom timeline from the moment things begin to arrive, to the last thing is taken away from the event.
  • Venue meeting to do a floor plan that we all agree upon and can get it executed for the event.
  • Oversee direct Setup, Event, and Teardown.
  • Stays On-Site during the event.


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