Package for a Corporation/Business who wants to be involved, wants an expert to guide them through the process, make all the communication with vendors smooth and easy, take their vision and bring to fruition, make sure their day is everything they want and more.  Serve and Honor them from beginning to well after the event is done and over. 

  • Oversee each detail as it is planned and pulled together. 
  • Willing to work with paid employees but also able to work with volunteers.  Highly encourage to work in a Core Team model.  Having a Leader for each area with a team under them. 
  • Customized Tasks list with due dates so our goal is obtained and staying on track.
  • Communicating to all those involved in the event. 
  • Handling all of the big details along with the small details. 
  • Being able to continue to cast the overall vision of the event. 
  • Attend and Lead (if desired) Core Team meetings. 
  • Assistance with any questions and suggestion through the planning process.
  • Attend all meetings regarding the event to keep it moving along at the right pace, addressing any areas of concern. 
  • Custom timeline from the moment things begin to arrive, to the last thing is taken away from the event.
  • Assist with booking, contracts, vendor recommendations, final detail confirmations, and assurance all services are provided as stated in the contract.
  • Keeping a budget up to the date of expenses and due dates.  This then lines up with your priorities for your event.
  • Venue meeting to do a floor plan that we all agree upon and can get it executed for the event.
  • Oversee direct Setup, Event, and Teardown.
  • Stays On-Site during the event.
  • Provides one other staff to help man the event during the ‘key event’.


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