This package is for a company/business that is getting ready to host an event and is already in the process of gathering their resources and looking for someone to coordinate and manage the event the day of. Your company/business can handle hiring vendors and big decisions and leave it to us the day of to ensure the event runs smoothly and everyone can enjoy it.

A`vie Staff Includes: 1 Lead Planner & 2 Assistants

  • Manage contact and coordination with all vendors
  • Handling all of the big details along with the small details.
  • Communicating to all those involved in the event.
  • Customized Tasks list with due dates so our goal is obtained and staying on track.
  • A custom timeline will be created from the time things begin to arrive, to the last thing that is taken away from the event.
  • Avenue meeting will be held to do a floor plan that we all agree upon and can get it executed for the event
  • A `vie Events will oversee direct setup, Event, and Teardown
  • Stay onsite for the duration of the event
  • Oversee each detail as it is planned and pulled together.
  • Assistance with any questions and suggestion through the planning process.
  • Provides one other staff to help man the event during the ‘key event’.


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