Custom Snapchat filters for events are all the rage right now! We will create a Snapchat Filter for events that you can use during your event. Furthermore, we love the personal touch that they add and guests have an absolute blast with them.

Custom Snapchat Filters, The Details…

custom snapchat filters
  • A`vie Events will ask you what direction you would like to go in with your Snapchat filter (psst..we can match color schemes, wedding invitations and more!)
  • Next, A`vie Events will provide one or more custom Snapchat filters to be used by you and your guests at your next event.
  • Finally, A`vie Events will coordinate the Snapchat filter to air during your event at your venue.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Geo filters will place Snapchat filters over a certain area. Also, Snapchat will allow it to run during a certain amount of time. We upload your Snapchat filter to run during your event time at your venue! We ensure that you and your guests can post all night long at your venue using your custom Snapchat filter.

So, want to see more of what we do? Check out our event photos to catch a glimpse of our work!

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