Weddings and Everything Wedding Related

We at A`vie Events love to handle weddings and anything wedding-related! We want you to enjoy the entire planning process without the stress of creating the wedding of your dreams. In addition, we also have packages for wedding-related events including proposals, bridal showers, bachelorettes and more!

Corporate Events

Don’t let your boss delegate the work to someone who doesn’t want to do it, we’d be happy to help customize an event for your business. Check out what we can do for your corporate events!

Non-Profit Events

We love planning for our non-profit partners!
Raising money for your cause is hard enough, let us handle the logistics to make your event a success for your charity. Check out what we can do for your non-profit events!


Social Events

Have a fun event coming up? A birthday celebration, a baby shower, or any type of social event? Check out what we can do for your social events!

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