And A Few Things Went Very Wrong…

How I Met Your Mother‘s Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) got married on May 7, 2007, and in the comedic way that many TV sitcoms like to play their stories out, a string of other mishaps threatened to ruin the wedding. In the end, everything went un-accordingly to plan!

Be Very Selective About Your Guests

Marshall and Lily are about to get married, but much to Lily’s surprise, an expected guest arrives at her wedding – her ex-boyfriend, Scooter. Turns out Lily’s family invited him and he tries desperately to win her back.

Crowd control and establishing an invite list not only helps ensure that no unwanted guests show up, but organizationally, it helps in terms of seating, food portions, and to prepare for any accommodations.

Vet and Confirm Your Vendors

SO many things can happen on the day of a wedding. Throughout the day Lily got constant bad news! The florist calls and says the flowers will not arrive in time, the harp player turns out to be pregnant and goes into labor right before the ceremony, and the veil ends up getting run over in the parking lot. What a nightmare.

It’s important to make sure your vendors are reliable and you must confirm with vendors before the wedding date! If anything out of your control happens you can at least be reimbursed with wedding insurance!

Prepare for the Big Day

Wedding planning usually takes MONTHS. This means a lot of decisions have to be made with the future in mind!

Lily realizes before her wedding that she is too small for her dress. She tries to quickly gain weight to avoid those $$$ dress alterations.

Plan your alterations knowing that any changes in your body will result in extra alteration costs. Delivery and alterations can be organized by a planner to ensure that the dress arrives safely to the ceremony and makes it down the aisle without a snag.

Marshall decides to change his look the day of the wedding – a HUGE no-no in Wedding Planning 101. Changing your look before the wedding is not a good idea, especially when the stylist is inexperienced (Lily’s younger cousin was that person).

Marshall made the situation worse when he was overcome with hate over his new frosted tips. He decided to shave his head down the middle – talk about a hairy situation!

Test any products or hairstyles you plan to have for your wedding, BEFORE your wedding! This will ensure you’re happy with the overall look and you can ask your stylist to adjust accordingly.

It’s About What You Really Want

Marshall and Lily find each other outside and share their series of unfortunate events. It’s then that they realize this wedding was not what they truly wanted. It ends up working out for them, finding each other outside with their closest friends at their side and an officiant being their friend Barney. 💕

When beginning to plan your wedding, discuss a plan and your vision and goals. Outline what you and your spouse want and remember that the day is about you and those special people around you.

The real wedding happened outside surrounded by closest friends.

And to think all these mishaps could have been avoided with the help of an organized wedding planner. 🤷

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