Step 1: Introduction

Contact Angela at at this time, please have your resume prepared to send to A`vie Events.

Step 2: Questionnaire Packet #1

Fill out the entire Questionnaire packet that is sent to you. Please take your time doing this and try to write well-thought-out answers. This is A`vie Events unique way of getting to know you! So have fun with this and feel free to brag about yourself.

Step 3: Questionnaire Packet #2

This is the second and last questionnaire you will receive from A`vie Events during the interview process. Please take your time with this and complete each question in full.

Step 4: Interview

Congratulations! If you have made it to this stage, you have obviously impressed Lead Event Planner & Owner Angela. Make sure to dress nice and bring all interview related items such as a copy of your resume, your expected schedule for the duration of your employment with A`vie Events, etc.

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