With all of the hard work that goes into making your special day perfect, it is important for you to consider how each moment is going to be captured so you can relive this day forever. Hiring a photographer is essential so that you will be able to relax and enjoy the day, knowing that each beautiful detail and moment won’t go missed or forgotten.

Know What’s Important

When choosing a photographer, you need to see how you connect with this person. The relationship you have and can build with your photographer takes precedence over any other aspect that may influence your choice, such as pricing.

You could hire the most expensive and premier photographer, but if they aren’t able to jive with you and your style, then your experience with them may not be what you had hoped for. At the same time, your wedding photos are an investment of a lifetime, so be sure not to choose one solely because the photographer is cheap. Instead, have a budget range somewhat in mind, but keep your main focus on how your style, personality and vision can connect with the photographer’s style, personality, and visions.

When you have this beautiful connection with your photographer, they will know how to bring out the best in you and your fiancé. You want them to capture all of the emotions and give them depth and meaning. The love, the joy, the pure excitement and happiness– these are all emotions that you will want to be able to see in your photos when looking back them years from now. To allow you to relive these beautiful moments.


How to Make Sure you are Going to Love Your Photographer

Use your engagement photo shoot as a trial run to make sure that you and your fiance really do connect with the photographer.  You cannot recreate your wedding day pictures, therefore ensuring that you absolutely love the photographer’s style will make you comfortable knowing that they will have it all under control on your wedding day.

Your photographer will be spending this day by your side, so they need to be someone you enjoy being around, feel comfortable with, and can trust.

Be Prepared to Work With Your Photographer!

When you come across wedding images online and you like the way they look, save them! Having a collection of poses, styles, and aesthetic that you like in certain photos can help you convey to your photographer they type of photos you like. Giving them these visuals will make it more clear of what you are exactly looking for out of your photos.

Also, be prepared to create a list with your photographer of what pictures you need to be taken. This will include various group pictures with the wedding party, different family members, and different sides of the family. Having this list made up and printed ahead of time will ensure that everyone gets their picture time!


Two Photographers?

This is certainly optional depending on what is important for you and your partner. Adding a second photographer will add to the price, but it will also allow for more of the special day to be photographed. For instance, while you and your fiance are getting all of your post-ceremony photos, the second photographer can be capturing what is happening at cocktail hour.

Having two photographers also allows for a special moment to be captured at two different angles. There may be an angle that is better than the other, or each angle may show a different emotion, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from.

Since this solely depends on your preference, you will have to determine what you would like out of your photos and weigh out your options when determining if you would like two photographers or not.


Like having a second photographer, hiring a videographer is a choice of preference, depending on what you would like to capture from your wedding day. It is going to be an added expense, but if it is within your budget, it is definitely worth your consideration.

Photographers can capture the still image, but a videographer can capture the movement and sound of that moment as well. The gasps and laughter, the toasts and dance moves, will never go forgotten when captured on film. Not only will you have all of the raw footage captured from your videographer, but they also make movies, with added sounds to tell the emotional story of your wedding day from start to finish.

Discuss with your partner how important it is for the both of you to have the footage of your special day captured and go from there.

As you watch the videos in years to come and show them to your children one day, this is a great option to be able to relive your wedding day to a whole new level.

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