July 6, 2018

YAY, YOU’RE ENGAGED! Now starts the exciting time of planning your wedding! Getting started and realizing how much you need to do and all vendors you will need to choose can get a bit overwhelming and stressful. But do not worry, Bridal Shows are here to help you and make your decision making a bit easier.

Curious what a Bridal Show is? Here is a quick definition:

A Bridal Show is a collection of vendors at a venue that come together to showcase their services. Don’t know where to get started when it comes to looking for vendors? Bridal Show. Not sure what different vendors you might need? Bridal Show.

Here are some types for the next time you attend a Bridal Show!

Make Connections

When working with someone for your wedding, you want to make sure you choose the right person. Whoever you choose, you have to understand that you  will be working with them for months and they will play an important role in making your wedding a special and successful day. So take some time to actually talk to vendors you’re interested on to make sure their personality and work ethic is the right fit for you!

Bring Pre-Printed Labels

These labels should include: bride and groom’s names, wedding date, email, cell number, mailing address and ceremony and reception venues (if you don’t have a reception venue don’t worry). Every vendor will ask you for this information, having labels prepared will save you some time so you can have more to talk and get to know the vendors.

Score a Deal!

Vendors tend to give out sweet deals during Bridal Shows. If you have time, prior to attending the show, make sure to research the vendors. This way you know who you are interested in and can take advantage and sign up to have the opportunity to win what they are offering.unspecified-9.jpg

Most importantly, Have FUN!

Bridal shows are meant to help you, not make you more stress. Vendors want to make ourselves accessible to you and want to help make your day special and perfect. Make a day out of it and bring along your mom, fiancé, his mom or your maid of honor. Bridal Shows are a great and fun opportunity for you to share this special time with those special to you!

Want to see us at a Bridal Show? Here are few upcoming ones:
July 15th, 2018 Central Florida Wedding & Special Event Expo
September 16th, 2018 Florida Bridal Expo. Message us on Facebook for a 10% Off General Admission Promo Code!