Guest List Guilt

Let me drop a truthbomb on you: you cannot invite every single person you’ve ever met to your wedding! I know, it’s sad, but it’s the truth. A lot of times you have to cut down your guest list significantly in order to keep costs down among other reasons. It might make you feel guilty and that’s what we refer to as “guest list guilt”.

Here’s the Good News: We have two very fun solutions for this!

Having a Meet & Greet

One option is to do a meet and greet after your wedding. Essentially, a meet and greet is a fun party after your wedding without all the pressure! You can invite people who you weren’t able to invite to your wedding. This is a great way for them to spend some meaningful time with you.

A meet and greet is also a lot more laid back with no detailed timeline or structure. It’s an amazing way to relax with your loved ones after your wedding. Have some food and drinks, and spend time talking with everyone. Enjoy yourself and soak in all the love you receive!

Post-Wedding Brunch

Another great option is to do a brunch the day after your wedding. You can invite those who you couldn’t invite to your wedding for food and mimosas to spend time with them in a more intimate way. Often, people prefer this smaller party as there is no pressure to dress to the nines or stay out late at night. It is a special and fun way to celebrate your new marriage!

No More Guest List Guilt!

No matter what you choose to do about your guest list guilt, know that your wedding day is about the love between you and your significant other. If you can’t do either option to subdue your feelings of guilt, lean on your loved one to make you feel better because the truth is you will never make every single person happy.

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