Gainesville wedding at Sweetwater Branch Inn planned by A`vie Events
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Do you have a passion or an interest in events? Join us at A`vie Events for an exciting and educational events internship! We love to teach and serve interns through our events internship where you will learn the ins and outs of several types of events. Find out more about our internship process below!

Step 1: Introduction

Owner and founder of A`vie Events Angela Renick
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Please contact A`vie Events Owner and Founder, Angela Renick, at at this time, please have your resume prepared to send to A`vie Events. Feel free to meet Angela and the rest of the team while you explore your interest!

Step 2: Questionnaire Packet #1

Please fill out the entire Questionnaire packet that is sent to you. Take your time doing this and try to write well-thought-out answers. This is A`vie Events unique way of getting to know you! So have fun with this step and feel free to brag about yourself along the way.

Step 3: Questionnaire Packet #2

This is the second and last questionnaire you will receive from A`vie Events during the interview process. Please take your time with this and complete each question in full. Our team loves to learn more about you and your passion and skills in event planning!

Step 4: Interview

Congratulations! If you have made it to this stage, you have obviously impressed Lead Event Planner & Owner Angela. Please make sure to dress nice and bring all interview related items such as a copy of your resume, your expected schedule for the duration of your employment with A`vie Events, and all other necessary items that you feel you need to nail the events internship interview!

Are you interested in learning more about A`vie Events? Check out our social media pages on Facebook or Instagram to see more of what we do here!

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