From ensuring that an event is achieved seamlessly, to maintaining a happy client,
event planners make sure no detail goes unnoticed.

Who is an Event Planner?

In the simplest of terms, event planners are budget, design, and production experts.
Working directly with clients to identify the needs of their event, planners take organization and detail through an intricate level of coordination. The tasks leading up to an event can be exhausting and keeping a well-organized to do list helps to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. From décor; to catering and entertainment; to location and invitees; planners serve as the liaison between clients and a successful event, and they tie it all together with a little planning magic.

Establishing Goals

There is a great deal of responsibility that is carried from the moment a new client-planner relationship is established to the day-of logistics.

So, what is the very first step in creating a tangible outcome?

Establishing goals and objectives.

Before any event, for example, planners meet with their clients to discuss the event’s purpose, making sure to fulfill the client’s wishes to guarantee that no intricate detail falls through the cracks. If any disruptions occur, planners are quick on their feet and have safety nets in place. Preparation is key here!

Signing Off

After setting goals, planners conduct their own research to see what is “missing” from a
prospective event. For instance, in terms of vendors, planners try to cater to their clients’ event by arranging meetings to discuss partnerships and identify which vendor would be best-fit for the event at hand – then the contracts are signed. Once the connection is secured, it’s time to sort out the smaller details! While finding the perfect food, décor, and music can bring life into the atmosphere of the event, executing the details (like coordinating time, locations, guest greetings, and placement) help execution of the event when the day arrives.

The Day Of

As a client, you should not be stressed over the flow of your event, your attention is geared towards appreciating your vision come together. Event planners take the cares of their client away and use their experience to achieve their goals. They are attentively present at each event to tackle unexpected occurrences and last-minute changes – being quick on your feet is a needed skill and seeing the big picture helps to keep clients calm. The event itself can be exciting and tedious at the same time, but planners are professionals at focusing on minute details while also seeing the fruits of their work unravel and come together.

It Takes a Team

Any event takes a concerted effort to produce a vision and with a little help from their team, event planners make sure they have the tools (and squad) to support their client’s wishes. Each planner has an assigned responsibility to create a system of accountability that allows multiple planners to have their full attention on their designated task.  The journey from conception to clean up is controlled by this group of professionals. They create budgets and stick to them, organize transportation, make sure the food and entertainment stay hot, and generally guarantee a smooth experience, while efficiently handling any crisis that may arise.

There’s beauty in both execution and ending an event, when you see the guests genuinely enjoying what you have put together- that is what makes being an event planner worth it.