Your proposal should reflect the care and admiration that you have for your significant other. Cater it to what they would want- not what traditional has been done. This is time to act creatively!

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Congratulations – you’re ready to get down on one knee! You may be tempted to run to the love of your life, with engagement ring in hand, but take a minute to plan your intimate moment out. If there is ever a time to get sentimental, this would be it! While there is no right or wrong way to pop the big question, there are a few ways to personalize your marriage proposal. From finding the perfect location to getting family and friends involved, these five simple things will make your proposal sweet and unique to the both of you.

Making Your Engagement Your Own


While where you propose may not be at the top of your engagement itinerary, you do want to put some thought into it– from a simple garden stroll to something as grand and romantic as a hot air balloon ride, finding the perfect spot can be easy! Ideally, you should choose a location that holds some significance to the both of you, maybe somewhere that you have been dying to go to together or think of where you first met, where you had your first date, and/or any of the places that remind you of those first feelings of amour.
Feature Their Favorites (and Turn Up the Oomf)

Incorporating personal elements, like an important date or milestone, into an engagement is simple enough, but why not take the proposal up a notch? Does your fiancé-to-be love tulips? Why not propose in a field full of tulips! Is there a song that they adore? Have a choir or band sing their favorite. Bonus points if you customize the lyrics to include their name. See where we’re going with this?


Friends and Family
Proposing to your significant other is taking a step towards your future together – a future filled with new memories, experiences, and new family. Asking for your loved one’s family to take part in your proposal welcomes them and gives them an opportunity to witness the very first step of your coming together. It may also be important to your partner to have their family present in one of the greatest moments of their life, but if you are deterred by the thought of an audience, ask friends and family to gather at a nearby venue and meet up for post-proposal celebratory cocktails!
Incorporate A Family Heirloom

If you want to involve family, but they can’t make the actual event, a good way to have their presence noted is to add in an heirloom. This is your grandmother’s ring’s literal time to shine! A treasured family article can be the perfect something borrowed or blue to add to any wedding ensemble. The options are endless!
Hire a Planner
If you are still having trouble figuring out the perfect way to propose? A good resource to
ensure that everything runs without a hitch, is to enlist in the help of a event planner! Many planners can offer their assistance well before the actual big day, we’re avid engagement enthusiasts and possess the skills necessary to help – from setting up champagne and a trail of petals, to coordinating locations and loved ones, a wedding planner can make all of your proposal dreams into a reality.