June 19, 2018

Emergency kit Assembly, aka Mary Poppins bag

  •  Here at A`vie Events we have created one that is primarily for getting ready for the ceremony, then another that is for the reception.  They literally have everything. Over the years we have learned to add things if we see that we could have used something for an event. We don’t want to be in a pinch where we could have used something for someone’s event.
  •  In the beginning they started off small but now they have grown into these big almost duffel bags.
  •   We have even gone as far as labeling them on the outside so we know what is in them. Typically, when we need something we are in a hurry, time is of the essence.
  •  For our clients we don’t want them to have to think of things to bring, in case of this happens I need to bring nail polish, guys are going to forget black socks because they always wear those ‘ugly white tube socks or the best one NO SOCKS’. The list can go on and on.  Leave it up to us to worry about the list. We even have fresh NEW toothbrushes and deodorants for ladies and men. They even forget those things too.
  •  Our Mary Poppin’s bag has gotten us out of many ‘pickles’ at events and I can’t tell you how many vendors we have helped over the years when they needed extension cords, tape (what color do you need?), corsage pins, green tape to redo something for a florist, cake knife a server when the bride and groom don’t have one or need an extra one for the groom’s cake.  The list can go on and on. Super fun to look back over the events to see how it has gotten out us all out of jams. Lovin’ Life!!!