June 26, 2018

The Importance of a Good Timeline

The first time you experience planning an event, big or small, it’s easy to think you will have time for everything and, even if there are a few hiccups, it will naturally all fall together. Without a detailed timeline, that is a rose colored lie. Timelines are the foundation of a good event. They save you time, stress, and dumb questions. That is why we have worked and worked to establish near perfect timelines here at A`vie.

The event itself has a structure of when things are going to happen, a certain rhythm to it. We tend to think first about the larger moments, for example: in a wedding the major focus is the ceremony, dinner and after party. If you only focus on only those things, you’ll miss all the little details and suddenly be stretched for time trying to make everything happen. You want to enjoy the moments without rushing about. As event planners, we are very detail oriented. Everything down to the brides coffee is planned out.

Lets not forget the S word: STRESS. As if we don’t have enough of that already. It almost comes naturally to stress on wedding day because of how long we have built up our excitement. Timelines are good for keeping you grounded and moving forward. However, we also share them with the vendors so they know exactly when to arrive.  Stress averted.

You cannot wait for direction at all times. Notice the pace in the room and fit in to the natural tempo at hand. If people are enjoying lively music you don’t slow it down right away. Your lead coordinator will be on beat and be able to tell when it is time to speed up or slow down.

Trust your coordinator, trust the timeline. It will all work out.