Planning your style and décor is one of the first steps to making your dream
wedding come to life, but do you actually need a color scheme to bring it all
together? Traditionally weddings are incomplete without music, a send-off, and a color palette. However, with more non-conventional forms of marriage making their way into the mix, we’re finding color schemes up for debate and have people wondering: are they necessary?

The Answer

By no means does your wedding have to have a color scheme, but in order to help you make an informed decision, you may want to consider a few factors. While they inarguably set the tone aesthetically for your celebration, color schemes are also useful when it comes to additional décor decisions for your special day.

Take It Personally

As with all things pertaining to your wedding, you should think about what you like, what you envision, and what showcases your personalities. If you are a bride who wants to assert her own creativity and stray away from tradition, forgoing a color palette may be the route to follow, especially if you are confident in your own taste.

Conversely, if you are a bride who wants a little more structure, you may want to look into the abundance of color palettes available and find one that speaks to your liking. Deciding on a concrete color scheme, whether bold or neutral, will definitely prevent your wedding from being an overwhelming (or underwhelming) canvas of colors.

Which Color Scheme is Right for Me?

If you are thinking of ditching a color scheme and are looking to provide a more avie-event-planning-wedding-jesse-matt-30thematic ambiance for your special day, remember that choosing the right aesthetic varies from couple, to seasons, and to personalities. The Knot provides a quick wedding style quiz for you to take and gather inspiration! What you do want to ask yourself is: when is my wedding taking place (i.e. what season/time of year)? Do I want bold and bright colors – or subtle pastels? What is our theme (if you have already chosen one, if not a color scheme may help!)? To assist in the decision-making process, the following are a few of the increasingly popular schemes, and themes, finding their way to brides and grooms-to-be:

  • Rustic Maroon with Southwestern Details:
    • Simple-chic red and golden details are gorgeous and provide a laid-back feel.
  •  Nude Neutrals:
    • Casual yet confident? Take a look at the unexpected popularity of desert neutrals!
  •  Bold Bohemian Beach:
    • Nature and romanticism combine to create an airy, free-spirited wedding with colorful flowers and colors.
  • Black and White:
    • Traditional and timeless never goes out of style and denotes a sophisticated and formal wedding

These are just a few of the abundance of wedding color schemes and you can run as far with them as you’d like. Your big day is unique, and your colors should incorporate that!

Your Masterpiece

At the end of it all, your color scheme should help tie your wedding together into a cohesive work of art – you will find it easier to incorporate details and décor when planning your special day. Even if your colors are not as explicit as an entire theme, you’ll still find fun and creativity in making sure your wedding day is bold and yours. Happy color hunting!