Big weddings, small weddings, and eloping…OH MY!

Deciding on the type of wedding that works best for you and your fiance can be very intimidating. Every wedding type has its pros and cons for different couples. So we’re going to break down three types of weddings: big weddings, small weddings, and elopements to help you decide which type of wedding speaks to who you are as a couple!

Big Weddings

Big weddings are typically distinguished by their guest count. In the events industry, we typically say that a wedding with over 150 guests is a big wedding. Big weddings are amazing for couples who have a large number of friends and big families whom they all want to be a part of their special day. Having a big wedding eliminates a lot of the “guest list guilt” that brides feel while trying to trim down their guest list because you don’t have to leave as many (or maybe even any) people out. 

However, with a large number of guests comes to a large amount of money! The budget for a wedding includes A LOT of aspects that are determined by the number of guests you have. For example, food, drinks, tables, linens, and the list goes on! It is important to consider your budget when deciding on a big wedding. Do you really want to spend extra money on extra guests or would you rather spend the money elsewhere?

Small Weddings

Small weddings on average have 50 guests or less. This type of wedding typically appeals to a couple that wants an intimate wedding day with the people that are closest to them. A small wedding allows the couple to be present with every guest and create unique memories with each and every one of them. Not only does the couple get quality time with each guest, but more often than not a small wedding results in more time with one another. 

Small weddings can also result in the dreaded “guest list guilt”, which is the guilt that brides can have while trying to decide who gets to come to the wedding and who doesn’t. 50 people or less really isn’t a lot to work with in terms of the number of guests, which is something to take into consideration when deciding on a small wedding. Which is more important to you: an intimate wedding day or making sure every person you care about can be there?


Eloping is a type of wedding day that is becoming increasingly popular! Eloping is typically when a bride and groom go somewhere alone together and get married with just the two of them with a few vendors like a photographer for example. Eloping is great for a couple who wants to COMPLETELY avoid planning an elaborate wedding and avoid inevitable wedding day drama. This is also the most intimate type of wedding for the bride and groom and allows the couple to focus solely on themselves and their love for one another!

However, eloping comes with its own unique drama as well. Before deciding on eloping the couple needs to consider a couple of things. Mainly, EVERYONE is going to feel left out and EVERYONE will have a reaction that you may need to get ready for. There will probably be a mixed bag of emotions from people in your life: some may be happy for you no matter what, some may feel a little bummed they were left out, and some may have full-blown melt-downs about not being there on your special day! Do you think you could brush off the reactions and opinions of the people in your life?

At the end of the day, the deciding factor in what type of wedding you want is YOU! This is your special day to make magical in whatever you see fit for you and your fiance. No matter what type of wedding you choose, you are never going to please every single person…so make sure you are staying true to who you are as a couple while beginning a lifetime of happiness!

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