It’s officially the holiday season. This means holiday parties and a bustling time for your business. Through all the chaos, you may be behind planning. Good news, That’s what we’re here for! So what exactly can you expect from an event planner?

Quality Vendors

Planners know from experience which vendors can deliver exactly what you want for the price you want. If you have the right planners they may have connections that get you better discounts or more bang for your buck. They also have connection to vendors you may not know exist, such as your rental group and local caterers.


Staffing for the Event

No one enjoys throwing a party that they don’t get to enjoy because they have to run around to make it happen. That is why our slogan is, “be a guest at your next event”. When event day arrives you don’t have to lift a finger, we take care of everything. This includes set up of the event, problem management throughout, flow of activities, and tear down. Some people might like to set up but no one wants to stay behind to clean up. We always bring enough staff to handle it all.


Budget Management

Planners work with clients who all have different budgets. We understand that a smaller budget doesn’t mean a low quality event. We are pros at tracking expenses and finding new ways to save money and get more.


Detailed Flow of Events

If you didn’t already know, we like to map out every detail for our events. This includes includes an hour by hour (sometimes minute by minute) timeline of the entire day of the party. Don’t think anything gets overlooked. A timeline is like an event planners bible. Refer to it for everything.



Happy Guests

Most important we want your guest to enjoy their time and look forward to next year’s party. This mean making sure there is always plenty of food, activities and no issues. Sometimes we get a crowd that takes some time to get comfortable and lively. We notice these things and implement ways to get everyone involved and to have a good time. The last thing we want is a party that ends early because the guests feel like they have something better to do. We always make sure to bring the party to life.


Make sure your event goes off without a hitch and meet with a planner for your next event!