April 12, 2018

HIRE an event planner!!! 

  • This is such a simple, but well worth it step in your process. I am telling you now, once you have a planner you will wonder how anyone did it without one! From making sure you have your coffee, to having your luggage moved from your room to your car, an event planner does it all! Now, some of you LOVE to plan, and of course it has been your dream to plan your own wedding since you were 10, your pinterest board is overflowing with ideas about seat setup, to floral arrangements. This is OK! 1, an event planner makes those boards, come true! They might seem difficult, or too out there, but for us, it is our daily life! 2, IF you decide that you got this, and that planning is your thing, don’t worry! Most event planners can provide one day service, or as much as 3 months in advance to coordinate your big day. Trust me, I am an event planner and I am still having a coordinator. Like I said, all of those little things, as small as moving your luggage will be taken care of. You and your family will not have to lift a finger, no place setting, no clean up! This is so vital, and you will be forever thankful that you decided to have a coordinator!

Thursdays are the new black 

  • Did you know that in most venues, date and month can save you up to $6,000!! Yes, you read that right, six grand. I have learned this through personal experience. When booking my own venue, I was floored by the price difference, 24 hours and 2 weeks can make. Because I booked a Thursday in June, opposed to a Friday in May, I saved a ton of money. Now, I know what you’re thinking, who is going to go to your wedding on a thursday? Listen to me, if someone isn’t going to go to your wedding only because it is on a thursday rather than a saturday, trust me, you do not want them there anyway.  This is your experience, and if you can save six grand, why wouldn’t you? After all, Thursday is the new black.


  • Action stations!! Action stations instead of a buffet or sit down dinner save you about $20-$30 a person! The main difference is that there will be no one serving the food directly, but food is food, right? Action stations have a variety of different options, for example, you can have chicken and waffles, a potato martini bar, and a broccoli gratin station, and there you have a full dinner!! It is an awesome way to still have amazing food but save a buck or two!

Artificial does not STINK

  • If you are like me, you love flowers! But, flowers can be pricey, and what do you do with them after the wedding? Well, I have done some research and asking around, and as pretty real flowers are, when you are on a budget, they might just not be worth placing in your budget. Of course, have your bouquet and your personal flowers real, but if you do a simple arrangement such as eucalyptus, artificial would be perfect!

Sometimes old can be new 

1. Friends really can be your best friend!

  • Personally, I am renting/borrowing chargers and candle holders for my own wedding that were used at my MOH’s wedding. This is an awesome way to save some money and time picking them out.

2. Vintage is classic

  • Recently, we planned a rehearsal dinner that was based off of a night in tuscany. Our client used all different, beautiful glasses that will be pictured above. The theme of tuscany was such a perfect touch for having vintage glasses, she also found all her table cloths at a consignment shop which worked perfectly for the tables. Again, vintage is a perfect way to give a elegant, yet different from most weddings/events.