April 2, 2018



Your wedding is one of the most exciting things in your life right now; don’t let it become a burden. It can be stressful to begin to plan, but more often than not everything falls into place. Don’t let the days leading up to the best day of your life be filled with stress; enjoy the grind, but also know that you can allow yourself time to relax.

Write Down your Ideas 

It might be a good idea right now to start a wedding journal. A wedding journal is a notebook that you use to keep yourself on track. It can be soothing to put your ideas down in one place and will help you stay organized and grounded. When you think of a new idea that you want to implement in your wedding, write it down so that you can communicate it to your coordinator later. This way the details you want will not be forgotten in the chaos, and you can look back on the months leading up t your special day.

Remind Yourself: What Matters is the Marriage 

In the midst of planning a wedding, it is important to remember what a wedding symbolizes: the commitment you have to your future marriage. You and your fiancé have chosen to spend forever, together. And as fun as it is to have a wedding, in the end, the union between the two of you is the most precious. Weddings have the tendency to heighten emotions. You likely will have old friends re-entering your life and family drama resurfacing in light of such a big day. Remember that when it comes down to it, it isn’t about who is or isn’t invited to the wedding or every perfect detail: it is about the promises you are making to your fiancé.

You Are the Bride avie-event-planning-wedding-jordan-josh14

There will be so many opinions thrown your way, but remember that YOU are the bride, and this is your wedding! Your dress, your table setup, your flowers… all of these begin with the letters: Y, O, & U. Don’t be afraid to (politely) stand up for what you have in mind, and do not let anyone, (including your friends and family) decide big decisions for you!

Enjoy Every Moment 

Last, enjoy every single second of this time in your life.  Your engagement could be anywhere from 3 months-24 months, but I am telling you, it will feel like you blinked your eyes and it has come and gone. It is a unique time that you will only have once. So, enjoy planning, showing your ring off every chance you get, and saying “fiancé´” a million times over. Love this stage in your life. You are only engaged to the love of your life once, make it count, make it last, and enjoy every moment that passes by.