When searching for the perfect venue, the first questions that come to your mind are about the cost, number of people, and other obvious but important things! We want to help you to narrow in on the questions you need to ask regarding the venue working with your vendors.

Does the venue allow outside vendors to come in?

If they do, are there extra charges? They might require you to have a coordinator if you have outside vendors and they may require the outside vendor to be more than just a mom and pop place.

Most venues require vendors to have insurance.

You will want to find out if this is the case because you need to know what restrictions the property has in general for other vendors coming in for your event.

Some vendors will also require a vendor to have references if the venue has not worked with them in the past.

Is there specific parking for Vendors?

Some vendors will have the venue park close to the doors for them to have easy access all night, whereas others will require that the vendor trucks are parked out of sight so there is no chance they are in any of the pictures.

You will want to find out how the venue handles rentals and get all the information on their protocol.

Are your vendors able to travel to the venue?

Some vendors will charge extra if they have to go up and down stairs at the venue, whereas other vendors are super easy going and will not upcharge for things like stairs.

As you walk around the venue, think about where vendors would set up and what it would take for them to get from their truck to the setup spot and then back to their truck at the end of the night. Thinking through the setup will help you to be able to ask the right questions so that you can make sure you, the vendors and the venue are all in clear communication.

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