July 24, 2018


It seems that the holidays come earlier and earlier every year! If you want to have the best, stress-free company holiday party, follow these tips from us at A’vie Events.

1. Plan Early

It might seem ludicrous at first to start planning an end of the year party in August, however, when it comes to organizing vendors and booking a venue: time is your enemy.

To avoid last minute stress, start planning your parties in the late summer or at the earliest time that you can set a date. You can contact vendors early, and make sure everything is organized before the rush of the holiday season. Lower rates are more likely to be secured the earlier you book and employees can plan ahead to attend.

2. Running on Thin Resources? 


Holiday parties don’t need to consume a large budget in order to be successful. In order to reduce costs, pool your resources together and team up with another business in town. Party together!

Share the same venue, caterer, DJ, event planner, decor, etc. It means huge savings for both companies and can even strengthen business relations between your companies.


3. Use it for More than a Party

A holiday party can show your employees the care your company has for them. The party can be a boost to company morale and staff relations. Use the party to reward your employees for a productive year, and acknowledge the achievement of individuals who have put in the extra effort. It is a small gesture, but it can work wonders for employee work satisfaction and can even encourage more productivity for the next year.

Another benefit a holiday party can give you is a tax write off, perfect for end of the year celebrations.

 4. Being a Guest at Your Event

After a successful year of work, it is relaxing to kick back and reflect on what the year has brought. It is even better when you aren’t the one coordinating vendors and moving the party schedule along. An event planer is a useful tool that can save you time, money, and effort. You are not the one who has to go back and forth with vendors during your work day, you don’t have to check in with each one the day of the event; with an event planner you are a guest at your own event. Don’t turn the holiday party into a nuisance you put up with for the sake of your employees, make it a rewarding time for everyone; you’ve all earned it.



Want to relax and be a guest at your own event? A `vie Events can manage your company party and help coordinate with vendors.

Enjoy the time that you have off, contact us for a consultation!